Bucket Front Seat Cover For Car Gray

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Pet Car Seat Protector For Dog, Fully Waterproof & Non-Slip Rubber Backing With Anchor For Secure Fit, Front Quilted Durable Design, Dog Bench Cover For Truck & Suv W/ Free Pet Grooming Glove

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  • ☀SCRATCH-PROOF CAR SEATS PROTECTION: Designed for front passenger seats on all standard vehicles, trucks & SUVs. Protects Front Seats with extra side flaps from spills, dirt, scratches, hair, and other messes. It’s a great product for parents with small children and car infant seats too! Your vehicle always stays clean! Cover comes with a FREE Pet Grooming Glove and a storage bag
  • ☀UNIQUE FEATURES OF MOUNT SYSTEM: Our pet seat cover has a non-slip surface to prevent your dog moving around, plus metal grommets are able to quickly, easy and securely attach it to the headrests in only a minute. Our Dog Car Seat Blanket is made only the top quality materials available, which guarantee long lasting use as well as reliability when travelling with pets
  • ☀FULLY WATERPROOF & EASY TO CLEAN: This durable car covers for dogs is made from quilted high strength Oxford 600D PU fabric, which is hypoallergenic and does not contain any toxic or harmful materials. Unlike cheap car covers, our Pet Seat Covers are made from a special weave, this cloth is considered wear-resistant. The bottom side is made of special waterproof polyester material, which provides maximum non-slip during driving and allows it to stay in place through every turnhave
  • ☀FOR SAFETY & COMFORT: This car dog blanket with side flaps has a hard plastic anchor for additional security and comfort to make sure your pet stays in one place. No zippers in this waterproof protector ensure safety and durability. The gray seamlessly fits with the interior of any SUV, Car or Truck to make sure it looks just as good as it feels
  • ☀OUR GUARANTEE: Based on all the disadvantages of cheap car seat covers for pets others companies make, we have made this high quality, durable, comfortable, beautiful and affordable Pet Seat Cover for Cars & SUV. Why?! Simple because our customers are, have and will be our main priority. Please contact us if you have any concerns or issues.


If you often drive by car and have a pet that you need to take with you anywhere: a visit to the
doctor, to the park, and so on, then you definitely need the SunShinePet Seat Cover For Cars, SUV’s &
Trucks in your car for pets.
The stylish design comprehensively protects your seat from water, dander, paw scratches & prints, meanwhile
it is wear-resistance.

✔Universal Protector Size 40”x20”

✔Quilted High Strength Oxford 600d

✔Metal Mount System

✔Waterproof Pet Seat Cover

✔Unique non-slip bottom layer


When making this Front Seat Cover for Cars we had only one goal, to make it as durable and
comfortable as possible. We used metal grommets for attachments, which provide the necessary security
and safety to your destination. It’s designed to not only for small, medium dogs, but also for large breeds


Making this cover durable wasn’t our only priority. The gray cloth looks fabulous, is very
practical, not easily soiled. The top layer can be EXTREMELY EASY TO CLEAN. Just wipe it down
with a damp cloth or use vacuum cleaner. Machine wash
automatic is also available – 86°F/30°C


Quilted material provides a comfortable ride. Unique non-slip fabric on the backend and seat anchor
minimizes your dog moving around. We use safe silicone material to make the bottom layer, which protects passengers
and pets from slipping


ORDER SunShinePet FRONT CAR SEAT COVER NOW and get Pet Grooming Glove with Storage Bag as a BONUS!
Your purchase of our deluxe quilted car seat protector for dogs is protected by a 30-days warranty so that you can
buy our pet seat cover with side flaps with confidence!

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  1. Ann

    My dog sheds easily so I was looking for something to easily slip on and off when taking her on my front seat. This heavy duty cover is an elegant and practical solution. It slips on fast without having to strap anything but has an anchor that you slip in the seat crack so it stays on even when my dog is wiggling during the ride. It is lint and hair proof so no residue sticks to it, I just wipe or vacuum it. So far happy with the seat cover, pretty much just what I was looking for. Would recommend for anyone who does not want their human passengers being grossed out by dog hair!


  2. Limp

    This keeps your pet safe and not slipping and sliding all over the place on a vinyl seat. Looks so nice, you can order two so the driver has a trendy cover too. Alternatively if you have a pet that shed, this will keep your upholstery clean. You can remove this one and toss it in the washing machine as needed.
    Very handy. Cute idea. Doesn’t get hot like vinyl seats do in the sunshine.


  3. Antony

    I originally bought the backseat cover and was very happy with my purchase so I went ahead and ordered this one (front passenger cover) for myself to protect the fabric whenever I spill food and drink.. perfect for what I need. Perfect quality and not cheap looking.


  4. Bonita_Weber

    Bought this for a chevy Silverado 1500 and it fits perfectly. Great quality and great fit. I don’t need to worry about my dog gets my car dirty now!The rubber on the bottom helps to keep it in place with weight. Will be buying another for my other vehicle a Gord Explorer. Really useful, thank u so much.


  5. Kristen

    I have been looking everywhere for a car seat cover for my dog. My dog loves to ride in the front seat. He is very spoiled to it. The downside is I get claw marks and scratches in my leather seats. But now.. I have the solution thanks for this SunShinePet product. I could not wait to install it. Easy to set up and take down. My dog seems to like it and so do I. Has a good bit of padding in it. Excellent quality and exactly as described. Great investment A+


  6. Adriana427

    I have a small puppy who although isn’t very messy, we still find ourselves in situations where she or the car gets dirty. Whether it’s walking though wet grass, eating a treat, or shedding, my car seat is bound to get dirty one way or another. It is so much easier to have this seat cover than having to clean the actual car seat. I can just take out the cover and shake off any dirt or crumbs. First of all the quilted material is really nice and comfy for doggie but also functionable and super easy to clean. We had been using a towel previously but this is exponentially better as it stays in place. I definitely recommend this product if you need something to protect your car seat.


  7. Dixie

    Love this car seat! I have a 9 lbs yorkie, and she always likes to sit at front with me. I’ve try to put a wee-wee pad, but it always sliding around and broken easily. Now she has a nice seat cover, she seems enjoyed it. It’s easy to install and has some anti-slip layer under the seat cover which is pretty nice. When I have a human passenger, It is quick to remove. Would be great for coming to/from swimming as they are water proof, or great if you are dirty from working but don’t want to get your seats (or fitted seat covers) dirty. Easy to then peel off after and clean!


  8. Stacey

    I take my dog to daycare, on my way to work, so being able to easily take this out to wash. If I need to take a customer in my car last minute I can just take it off and store it in the trunk. It is easy and quick to put on or take off. My dog doesn’t seem to mind the material. I am thinking of getting another one for our other car.


  9. Nella Deaver

    The product was shipped very fast & installed even faster without any problems. I bought this for my daughters car it is a VW SUV and they fit perfectly.
    The cover even came with a bonus – dog grooming glove and nice bag it’s awesome.

    Nella Deaver

  10. Jon46

    This is one of the greatest seat covers so far.
    When I purchased the single seat, I was a bit skeptical since it had no reviews but I gave it a try, and now I want to order the back seatcover and one for the driver side
    I have an cocker spaniel and she sheds A LOT. with the Sunshinepet dog seat cover, clean up time its easier since her hair doesn’t get stuck like on conventional seat covers, and if she drools the seat doesn’t become soaked since the cover acts as a shiled for any liquids.One of the best features is the adjustable straps with metal grommets, able to quickly, easy attach it to the headrest in only a second.I also like that the cover is quilted with a bit of cushion fill material. That helps keep doggie nails from damaging the seat.
    Very satisfied with the purchase and reasonably priced. I would not hesitate to buy again if needed.