Bucket Front Seat Cover For Car Black

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Waterproof Dog Car Seat Cover, Machine Washable, Pet Auto Blanket With Non-Slip Rubber Backing, Front Quilted Durable Design, For Truck & Suv W/ Free Pet Grooming Glove

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  • ☀SCRATCH-PROOF CAR SEATS PROTECTION: Designed for frontseat passenger on all standard vehicles, trucks & SUVs. Protects Front Seats with extra side flaps from spills, dirt, scratches, hair, and other messes. It’s a great product for parents with small children and car infant seats too! Your vehicle always stays clean! Cover comes with a FREE Pet Grooming Glove and a storage bag
  • ☀UNIQUE FEATURES OF MOUNT SYSTEM: Our pet seat cover has a non-slip surface to prevent your dog moving around, plus metal grommets are able to quickly, easy and securely attach it to the headrests in only a minute. Our Dog Car Seat Blanket is made only the top quality materials available, which guarantee long lasting use as well as reliability when travelling with pets
  • ☀FULLY WATERPROOF & EASY TO CLEAN: This durable car covers for dogs is made from quilted high strength Oxford 600D PU fabric, which is hypoallergenic and does not contain any toxic or harmful materials. Unlike cheap car covers, our Pet Seat Covers are made from a special weave, this cloth is considered wear-resistant. The bottom side is made of special waterproof polyester material, which provides maximum non-slip during driving and allows it to stay in place through every turnhave
  • ☀FOR SAFETY & COMFORT: This car dog blanket with side flaps has a hard plastic anchor for additional security and comfort to make sure your pet stays in one place. No zippers in this waterproof protector ensure safety and durability. The black seamlessly fits with the interior of any SUV, Car or Truck to make sure it looks just as good as it feels
  • ☀OUR GUARANTEE: Based on all the disadvantages of cheap car seat covers for pets others companies make, we have made this high quality, durable, comfortable, beautiful and affordable Pet Seat Cover for Cars & SUV. Why?! Simple because our customers are, have and will be our main priority. Please contact us if you have any concerns or issues


If you often drive by car and have a pet that you need to take with you anywhere: a visit to the
doctor, to the park, and so on, then you definitely need the SunShinePet Seat Cover For Cars, SUV’s &
Trucks in your car for pets.
The stylish design comprehensively protective your seat from water, dander, paw scratches & prints, meanwhile
it is wear-resistance.

✔Universal Protector Size 40”x20”

✔Quilted High Strength Oxford 600d

✔Metal Mount System

✔Waterproof Single Seat Cover Guard

✔Unique non-slip bottom layer


When making this Front Seat Cover for Cars we had only one goal, to make it as durable and
comfortable as possible. We used metal grommets for attachments, which provide the necessary security
and safety to your destination. It’s designed to not only for small, medium dogs, but also for large breeds


Making this cover durable wasn’t our only priority. The black cloth looks fabulous, is very
practical, not easily soiled. The top layer can be EXTREMELY EASY TO CLEAN. Just wipe it down
with a damp cloth or use vacuum cleaner. Machine wash
automatic is also available – 86°F/30°C


Quilted material provides a comfortable ride. Unique non-slip fabric on the backend and seat anchor
minimizes your dog moving around. We use safe silicone material to make the bottom layer, which protects passengers
and pets from slipping


ORDER SunShinePet FRONT CAR SEAT COVER NOW and get Pet Grooming Glove with Storage Bag as a BONUS!
Your purchase of our deluxe quilted car seat protector for dogs is protected by a 30-days warranty so that you can
buy our pet seat cover with side flaps with confidence!

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  1. Gerdi

    Love the SunShinePet Front Seat Cover, it fits my Toyota Tacoma. I have 2 dogs and they love to play around in the car, now I can put one in the front seat and it won’t be covered in dog hair. I would highly recommend this product, great quality and great price


  2. Kathy

    This dog seat cover was delivered promptly. Works great to protect the front passenger seat where my dog insists on traveling, Easy to put on and take off so human travelers don’t have to sit on the dog’s seat. Works as advertised, doesn’t feel really cheap and thin like some I have used in the past.


  3. Moviebuff

    I tried different covers over the years but I must say this one is by far the best I used. The size is perfect, it’s waterproof and scratch resistant. I also really like that is has adjustable straps, so it fits the front seat perfectly. The fabric is really strong, but very soft at the same time – great purchase overall!


  4. Carolyn

    I have leather seats in my car and my 15-year-old Pomeranian finds it difficult to get comfortable and not slide around when I drive. This seat cover allows him to get cozy, relax, and be safer. It is sewn really well, durable, and easily and quickly attaches to my seat. It also protects my seat from anything my dogs may have gotten into when they find a way to run off. No more nasty stuff on my seats that I have to clean off. Now I can just throw the seat cover in the wash. They look good and provide great protection against the elements, as well as, pet hair and dander. I own a Dodge Charger and it fit my seat well.I love it and recommend it for any dog lover who travels with their pets.
    I rely heavily on reviews from others when purchasing items online so I try to be as thorough and honest in giving my opinion as possible.


  5. Karen

    My dog Lucy loves to ride shotgun in the front seat of my car. Unfortunately Lucy sheds A LOT! I recently had my car cleaned on the inside and wanted to maintain that nice clean upholstery. I saw on site Sunshinepet front seat cover and decided to give it a try. It has really worked great. It was super easy to install and looks nice. Lucy seems to be happy also. She still sheds and it accumulates on the seat cover. The big difference is that it vacuums or wipes up easily instead of being stuck in the upholstery. If I know a human friend will be riding with me it’s easy to remove and my passenger won’t be covered with dog hair when they exit my car. Bottom line, I’m happy with this purchase


  6. Mariya

    I got this for my husband’s car. He works with coal,gravel, and sand. All the auto seatcover hasn’t protected his seats from all the dirt and when it rains and he gets wet. This is very comfortable just to use as a personal seatcover and for your wets. Very easy to install and doesn’t move around. We love it has really goid quality


  7. Marky 111

    This is the third different car seat cover I have tried and the only one that works! Cover have a design feature that keeps the covers tight. It’s brilliant it stays where you put it! The dog is thrilled that we can finally go for rides without being scolded because her paws scrunch up the seat and wind up on the leather! Now she is comfortable both physically and mentally since there is nothing to scold when she moves around a bit since the seat cover stays in place. Thank you for such a good quality product and one that really works!
    I also got the pet grooming glove and a storage bag – FREE!

    Marky 111

  8. Baxie

    I ordered the black and am very pleased with this car seat cover. It was very easy to install and took me less than 1 minutes. It has metal grommets on strap around the headrest and hard plastic anchor that ensure a snug and proper fit.
    I especially like the skirt that covers the front and sides of the seat. Many car seat covers simply cover the top of the seat. It is attractive and sharp looking. Highly recommended.


  9. Shannon

    This a substantial cover that secures easily to the seat without coming loose, you can unclip the backrest section and fold it down if someone needs get in or remove it completely which is more involved but no tools needed. It’s actually sturdy enough that it shows no wear and tear from having my 25 lb dog jumping in and out of the seat. This would be great for anyone who wants to protect a bucket seat from pets, kids or wear and tear from commuting. This is a functional cover not a style statement, though I think it does appeal to people who take care of their tools & equipment.
    Great !!!! Plus with the pet seat cover I recieved a free bonus – pet gromming glove. My short hair terrier is in love with this glove. She likes getting her back scratched, and I’m imagining that this glove gives her the hundred tiny fingers massage of her dreams as we are removing loose hair! We’ve only owned this product about a week, but so far so good.
    I highly recommend this item!


  10. Lisa

    This is a product I have been looking for for some time, so when I found it I ordered it right away. The price was decent and when I got the cover, I was surprised at how well it was make. The material is quite thick and quilted on top, and thick and quilted on the bottom, but the underside has a really awesome non-slip lining. This aspect makes the cover stay in place without any moving around.
    It even comes with grooming glove and storage bag which fits the cover so well, that it is really easy to fold it up and store it. You know have some storage bags become useless because it is impossible to refold the item small enough to fit? Well this one is not like that. my dogs love the cover and lay right down in it. I just got a new Kia and the cover fits on the seat like it was made for it.I did not want my new black cloth seats to be covered with hair when I brought the dogs along. I cannot recommend it enough…it is a great value for a wonderfully make cover.


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