Cake decoration for birthday parties and all ocasions

What a fun way to pamper our family and friends to prepare a delicious cake for a special occasion or prepare incredible cookies to share a snack with your children or a cup of coffee with your friends. It is not simply going out and buying something already prepared. Making a birthday cake is a way of saying that you have prepared something special for someone, dedicating part of your time and thinking about their personal tastes.

At first, it may seem like a difficult task but as you try, it will become an increasingly pleasant occasion that you can join to your children, sharing with them quality time while encouraging them to learn something useful and motivating at the same time for the result.

Many people started cake decoration as a hobby and found that is a great way to turn it into a small source of personal income.

However, as important as finding a good recipe that gives us the taste and texture that satisfies our palate and an excellent presentation to surprise our guests according to the occasion, there is also the selection of the necessary utensils for elaborating our cakes.

decoration for cake

If you are starting in the world of confectionery, you can be confused by the enormous variety of utensils offered by specialized stores. Buy the basic utensils to prepare and decorate a cake and with time incorporate new acquisitions that allow us to perfect this activity.

  • Utensils for measuring and weighing

One of the most important details of the confectionery is the accuracy in the measure of the ingredients, for which you will need a small kitchen weight gadget and a set of cups and spoons of measures.

It has different sizes, shapes, and materials. Some are detachable. Its shape depends on the type of preparation, it is different for a cake than for a pie. You should have at least one round one.

  • Manual Mixer

Indispensable to merge the ingredients of the preparation in its different stages. A small electric blender, a manual blender, and silicone or wooden spoons.

  • Pastry spatulas

It is necessary for glazing. It comes in two types such as straight and angular and often have various sizes. You must acquire at least one small and one large.

For decorating cakes. Bags come in different sizes and materials and the icing tips allow us to find various decorative shapes to embellish cakes and it has many shapes and sizes as well.

  • Decorating turntable

Turn to allow the work surface always in front of us facilitating the decoration of the cake.

  • Tip Coupler

It is used to adjust the tip to the decoration bag.

  • Mixing bowls

Used to mix the ingredients.

In addition to all the aforementioned, there is a variety of utensils, such as cupcakes pans, cookies pans, donut pans, cookies cutter set, silicone baking mat, silicone candy molds and many others that will allow us to perfect more and more our cake decoration that will delight our friends and family.