Kid’s Toy. Choosing the ideal Christmas Gift

With the proximity of the Christmas holidays, there is a topic of great importance for us parents: What would be the ideal toy for our kids? We want to take our time to choose and not leave this for the last hour.

Toys are tools that offer children, not only entertainment but also the first notions of how to know themselves and relate to their environment. Being the game the main activity of kids, through which they discover and explore the world around them, we must give a safe space where they can play with confidence, dedicate the necessary time to share this activity and choose the right game that allows them to use all their senses and develop skills according to their physical and emotional growth.

The choice of the ideal Christmas gift is very important and the factors to consider are the age, the character of the child and the physical space to play.



When it comes to babies, it is a bit more complicated since being so small they are not able to say what toy they would like. Then, the choice falls on us, the adults. In this case, the first characteristic that we must consider is security. The toy for a baby must be made of a material that does not splinter, is not toxic and has no small removable parts. Once this characteristic is satisfied, we must consider the character of the child. For calm and observant babies, the toy should be striking, with colors and sounds that stimulate their curiosity, inviting them to use all their senses. The most suitable are cradle mobiles, rattles, and dolls made of soft materials. For a more active baby, it would be convenient to choose a musical toy or one with a movement that encourages him to crawl or to take his first steps.


On the transition to become children, already with a more defined personality with their own hobbies, it is important to consider their opinion. This fact, does not mean that we will give them anything they ask for because many times, influenced by advertising, they will want to have as a gift a game that is not the most appropriate, that is when parents must find the balance between what the child likes and what will offer a greater benefit for your physical and emotional development. At this stage you could choose a game that allows them to interact with other children, such as board games, remote-controlled or educational toys that have a pedagogical contribution, toys that stimulate their physical activity, such as skates or bicycles, or those that develop their manual and mental dexterity, such as puzzles or building blocks. Always keep in mind the recommendations that the manufacturer places on the packaging in reference to age and other relevant details.

We must never forget that the most important factor is not the amount of Christmas gifts or the sophistication of them, but the contribution it makes in terms of fun, values, skills, and knowledge.